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            个性化证照卡就是将不同的彩色照片、姓名等个性化卡面信息印制在PVC的卡体材料上,具有不易伪 造、不开胶、防水、不易损坏等特点。个性化证照卡的应用极其广泛,已经与人们的日常生活密不可分,可以集人像识别、考勤、门禁、消费等多种功能集于一身,还可以在制作人像卡的同时加贴磁条,封装芯片等各种工艺来满足客户的不同需求。

        Personalized license cards is different color photos, names and other personalized card surface information printed on the PVC card body material, is not easily forged, not glue, waterproof, not easy to damage etc.. Application of individualized license cards is extremely wide, has been with the people's daily life are closely related, can be a variety of functions in face recognition, attendance, access control, consumer and other collection in a body, can also paste the magnetic stripe while making Portrait card with chip, package and other process to meet the different needs of customers.

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